There’s only one thing we’re more passionate about than making great outdoor gear and that's our planet..! We want to make sure we give something back, so that it's there for us and the next generations to continue to enjoy and explore! We’re focussed on using sustainable practices in every part of our footprint and one part of that commitment is to team up with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change together.  


CarbonClick have a unique approach to carbon offsets which balances the desire to conserve and regenerate the local environment. Depending on your locale, your offsets will automatically be supporting a number of projects. They call it their 'blended basket approach' and where available, 50% will be allocated to local flagship forest regeneration or conservation projects, and 50% will go to high-impact international clean energy projects.
Local baskets are currently available for United States, Australia and New Zealand. Due dilligence is being conducted on additional projects and are being added all the time. If they don't yet have a local project for your country, your offsets will be allocated to 100% international high-impact projects. You can find out more details of all their projects here.


CarbonClick looks like a green button at checkout. When you click it, a contribution of $2 is added to your basket which purchases carbon offsets. Each month we’ll match the contributions pledged by our customers so every $2 you pledge is actually $4 and you can contribute as many times as you like - so don't hold back..!

These offsets fund CarbonClick's forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. So together we can be proud to be a part of the fight against climate change.

We hope you’ll join us in creating a sustainable future, by choosing to CarbonClick with your purchase.