Is Africa splitting in two?

"A piece of East Africa is expected to break off the main continent in tens of millions of years. And if you need any proof, look no further than Kenya’s Rift Valley, where a giant, gaping tear opened up following heavy rains and seismic activity, according to Face2Face Africa.

The enormous crack in southwestern Kenya appeared March 19 and measures about 50 feet wide and several miles along, Face2Face Africa and other news sources reported. Moreover, it’s still growing longer.

The rift is probably a sign of things to come as the plate tectonics under Africa rearrange themselves. The majority of Africa sits on top of the African Plate. However, a long, vertical piece of eastern Africa lies on top of the Somali Plate. This juncture where the two plates meet is known as the East African Rift, which stretches an astonishing 1,800 miles, or about the distance from Denver to Boston."

Excerpt and video courtesy The Washington Post


Cooper Wilt