Ridgemont Ambassador Alex Jackson is a bit of a nomad. He'll work half the year on a farm in Canada in order to save up cash so that he can spend the other half of the year on epic adventures. This year he loaded up his wife, his dog, and his gear in his Toyota Hiace van named Norton, and then tripped all the way down the west coast into Mexico. Camping, sightseeing, hot springing, you name it, they did it. 

Alex recently arrived back home and got back to work for the year. Here's a snippet of his recap of their trip; we can't wait to see where they go next season!

' "All good things come to an end," yeah, I suppose that's true, but it doesn't mean that the next thing is inherently bad.  My time on the road has come to a close and I am now transitioning back into life on the farm in Alberta.  Were this me a few years ago I'd be telling you how it's a struggle to come back to the farm and start work after such a long time away, but it's not and a lot has changed since then.  Although I'm turning the page on a chapter of my life that was full of travel and adventure, I am about to start a chapter that, yes, contains a lot of work, but also will contain loads of opportunity to exercise my creativity.  And during those times when I'm in the seat of a tractor, I have a massive collection of photos from my adventures to look back on to remind me why I work those long hours. '

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Cooper Wilt