Featured photo: Pete on a short jaunt at Joshua Tree, 2015.

Ridgemont Ambassador Peter Brown Hoffmeister has just announced that he'll be racing world class speed climber Hans Florine! The race is set to take place in Eugene, OR on June 11th at The Columns, a natural rock structure within the city limits. It's Pete's home turf, but Hans is considered one of the best (and fastest) in the world, so... Maybe it's a toss-up?!

The Columns, Eugene, OR. Photo: climbsmith.com

Excerpt from Pete's blog;
"The short version of the story is this: Hans Florine is flying up to Eugene, Oregon to race me on an El Cap Day (3000 feet of climbing in one day) at my local cliff where I’ve done many El Caps. He’s a world class speed climber, but he doesn’t know the routes. I’m just an average local dirtbag – not world-class by any standards – but I do know the routes.
Hans Florine has won a world speed-climbing championship, three X-Game gold medals, and holds many world records.
I really sorta kinda like to climb a lot, pretty often, and anywhere I can.
The race is high-stakes: We’re betting a beer, a burrito, and a monster cookie.
The journalist (Jayme Moye) has written for National Geographic, Outside, and Men’s Journal, and she’ll be writing about the event for multiple magazines. Climbing Magazine has asked me to write a feature for Climbing.com."


Read all about it at Pete's blog, and if you're in the area make sure to plan to be there! + follow Peter on Twitter for the most up to date info.

Pete climbs The Columns.