Street photography is a tricky thing. It may seem simple but it takes patience and a little cunning to get yourself into the right situations to get a great shot. Jerrick Romero is a friend of ours, and has a great talent for taking photos of all kinds, particularly street photography. Here he tells a little bit about his technique and what got him where he's at.

Where are you from?
I was born in Fort Collins, Colorado but lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming for the beginning years of my life until my Dad took a job offer in Florence, South Carolina. After a few years living there my parents decided to move closer home and picked Layton, Utah. Next came a job transfer to Firestone, Colorado ... then back to Cheyenne, Wyoming. I've lived all over Los Angeles over the past few years and now I'm in Koreatown, near Downtown L.A.
So is 'everywhere' a better answer?? 

What draws you to the city rather than living in the country or small town again?

I love people. Simple as that. Even though LA is overpopulated and filled with some not so nice humans, the interactions you get from people in a big city are completely different from anywhere else I’ve lived. Good, dangerous, whatever - I love it. 

How did you get into photography?
Kind of just fell into it by accident. My girlfriend at the time had a camera and I needed another job so I learned the basics. Within a month and on the same day I somehow landed two photo jobs, assistant to a fashion photographer in Hollywood and as a photographer for a local newspaper called Random Lengths. After that it just kind of stuck. 
What drew you to street photography?
I think since I have always been one to wander around cities it just came natural. Its very calming for me to walk the streets, take the bus, or be around a bunch of random people that I dont have to interact with and just observe. 
What do you look for in a good photo?
Shadows and Lines. Can't get enough of them!

Can you explain anything about your technique?

I try to open my shutter speed as much as I can before there is too much blur and then I’ll adjust my exposure/aperture after that. The easiest way I think of taking photos are the same way I try to look/interact with people.

The more you open up, the more detail you can get in the picture or person.

Where is your favorite place to shoot?
Right now, East LA. But it really depends on what mood I'm in. Any place can be my favorite if those shadows are looking good! 


Where would you like to shoot that you’ve never been before, and why?
Anywhere in Spain! Such a beautiful place that I would love to explore. Plus my ancestors came from there, so it's on my short list to travel there someday for sure.
See more of Jerrick Romero's work by following him on Instagram at @jerrick.romero.
Cooper Wilt