Online shopping offers consumers the chance to snag a variety of items without leaving the comforts of their personal space. Shopping for shoes online is a bit different as opposed to shopping over the Internet for many of the other products which you want and need. Each type of shoe and style seems to have a different fit from the next.

As you can't try on the shoes before you buy them, you need to ask a few questions before you add any shoes to your online cart.

Know what shoe you are looking for

Wearing good shoes can assist you to feel your best and assist with preventing injuries. Shoe choice can affect your whole body and not just your feet. Here's what to look for when choosing different types of shoes online.


When choosing running shoes online, make sure that there is plenty of toe length, that you have enough toe width as well as no seams. The running shoe also needs to have the right arch, holds your heel, feel firm, and flex correctly.


Your dream hiking boots need to be in sync with how and where you hike. Before you tie the knot, though, you also have to be sure they're a perfect fit.


The best finishing touch on an everyday outfit is a beautiful pair of casual shoes. It should complement what you're wearing and also reflect your fashion sensibilities.


The next time that you go shopping for new high heels online, you should choose the right size and fit, test and walk around in them at home and choose a heel with a thick insole and cushioning. In addition, when you shop for shoes online, you should go for leather or suede (or a combination of both), make sure that the heel is placed under your heel and that it is thick enough. Finally, you need to choose the right size heel height for your needs.

Search for reputable online shoe stores according to your shoe needs

Online shoe stores have become much more accessible and convenient for people looking to buy shoes online. In addition, shoppers have found that it's easier to purchase a pair of shoes online – as opposed to clothes – owing to shoe size uniformity.

Have your foot measurements for buying shoes online

If you spot some single and most beautiful shoes online, don't let the fear of selecting the incorrect size stop you from buying them. Rather, just measure the length of your foot and hurry to enjoy that new pair of shoes.

Foot length

Put a piece of paper onto the ground. If your foot is bigger than one sheet of paper, tape two pieces together with one slightly overlapping another. Make sure you are wearing the sock which you intend to wear with the shoe. Make sure that you have your full weight on the foot for the most accurate measurement.

Make use of a measuring tape and then measure the outline from the back/central part of your heel to the very end of your longest toe.


Utilize a measuring tape and then wrap it around the widest part of your foot at your bunion joint.


Utilizing a household tape, measure the widest part of each of your feet. The tape measure should be put behind your little toe and over the joint of your big toe. You are just required to measure the girth of your foot if your foot happens to be wider than the normal size.

How to measure your feet for online shopping

Take a sheet of printer paper and place it on the floor or another flat area. Check that your foot can fit within the parameters of the paper—if not, select a larger sheet. Arrange the sheet in a safe, indoor area where you won't be at any risk of slipping.

Pay attention to online shopper reviews

Almost a third (31%) of consumers say they have read an online review before making a purchase. This is as compared to 23% who ask for advice from friends and family. A further 18% read comments on online articles, while just 6% seek advice on social media.

Detailed images and specifications

It's been found that visuals found on the product page of an eCommerce website are used to drive and inform a purchase. The same is true for buying shoes online – the clearer the images are, the more inclined you'll be to make a purchase.

Technical specifications to take note of when buying shoes online

There are a number of technical specifications to take note of when buying shoes online. Here are some of them.

Measure your feet

The absolute thing that you need to do is know your size. Every shoe manufacturer has a slightly different way of sizing shoes, so you need to be very sure of your measurements.

Read reviews

Customer reviews give you a sense of the shoes in action. You'll know if you need to size up or down with certain styles. For instance, if you're buying hiking shoes online or winter boots, you're going to be wearing thick socks. Check the reviews in order to see if others were able to wear thick socks or did they go up a half size.

Pick a website you trust

Where you purchase the shoes from matters. If possible, you want to buy directly from shoe manufacturers. They often give you a discount if you sign up for their list.

Know everything before you buy

Searching for dream shoes and the decision to purchase them will be much easier if you provide customers with search tools and concise information about the most important shoe characteristics.

Know your comfort level

Trust your own comfort level as opposed to a shoe's size or description. Sizes vary from one manufacturer to another one. And it doesn't matter how comfortable an ad claims that shoes are. You're the real judge.

Create comparisons

Before you buy any shoes online, you need to shop around and make sure that the pair of shoes that you choose is definitely the one that you want.

Understand the returns policy 

What if the shoes you buy don't fit you? What if they aren't what you expected? It's possible that might happen even if you do everything right. That's why it's important to know what the returns and exchange policy is before you enter your payment information.

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