AMBASSADOR: Axle Ethington

Where are you from?
I was born in Utah but grew up in a small town called Purcellville, Virginia and then Yuba City, California. But I like to think the world is where I grew up. My parents made sure we learned about a lot of different cultures.

What's your work?
I'm an outdoor lifestyle and adventure photographer and marketer. It's hard to call it work because I really enjoy what I do.

What's your passion?
My passion is nature and making sure everyone realizes just how easy and necessary it is to get outside.  

Favorite place traveled?
This is a tough one to answer. I've been to a lot of great places. Italy, France, Panama, Mexico, Alaska, Hawaii all over the world and the USA really. Every place is so different from each other that's it's hard to really just pick one spot that I can call my favorite. With that said I always always look forward to heading home to my small little town of Marysville in Northern California. There is nothing better than exploring the world, camping and hiking and then heading home to see the people you've been missing to tell them all about your adventures.

Next trip?
Again with these hard questions. I'll be spending a week with some Boy Scouts in the Sierra Nevadas and then a fun camping trip with my lady in a rad spot called Little Grass Valley here in Northern California. I have a lot of trips planned they are just dateless at the moment. Seattle, Yosemite, Mount Shasta, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, the Navajo Reservation.  

Favorite thing about Ridgemont?
Everything about Ridgemont rocks. Not only do you guys have the best employees but the quality of your shoes and boots are awesome. I took the black and orange Monty hi's on the road last winter for a month and put some serious miles on those boots. The held up and still look brand new. My feet were never angry at me even after a 15 mile hike in Yellowstone through some snow and mud.