Developing products can be an unintentionally wasteful process.

We make lots of samples to work out the kinks, then we make samples for photo and video, then maybe another revision, then final confirmation samples. You get the idea. A lot of these samples are in correct materials, or close to it. During production, we can harvest wastage to make labels and trims, but once samples are shipped here, doing anything useful with these beautiful materials is challenging to say the least. That’s where the good folks at Sand Pack Co. come in. We’re working with SAND to repurpose our towering pile of samples into awesome accessory bags, and we couldn’t be more stoked with how it’s going. Sand is amazing, and we have big plans… We’ll keep you posted.

Nicky Williams


Nice job guys. Reuse, recycle, repurpose..! Can’t wait to get one.

— Alex Perry