A little while back we were lucky enough to get an invite out to Joshua Tree, where our guy Peter Brown Hoffmeister would be spending some time writing in the desert. Pete’s an author, and had just been granted a spot in the National Parks’ Artist-in-Residence program. When we heard he was headed to J Tree, we hightailed it to the high desert in search of sun, fun, and giant ram’s skulls. We checked in to Pete’s cabin, located down a private road in the park and immediately the good times began. Peter taught us a bit about bouldering, and over the next few days we got to do a lot of hiking and exploring within the bounds of the park. And although Peter had the cabin, we chose to hike up into scorpion territory each night to sleep under the stars. All in all we had a blast, seeing Joshua Tree from a different perspective than before and clearing our minds in the desert landscape. We never did find that ram’s skull though, did we Pete?

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Cooper Wilt