Our very own ambassador, Peter Hoffmeister challenged world champion climber Hans Florine to climb 3,000 feet! 

Peter's drive and attitude to life is awe-inspiring and Hans obviously thought it sounded like a fun challenge!

We love Peter's attitude towards life, nothing stands in his way from adventure and experience. Even after suffering brain injuries in a car crash, Peter still takes on world champ speed climber Hans in this friendly competition. Few people can match Peter's enthusiasm - way to go!

Filmmakers Max Buschini and Andrew Petersen made this awesome short film called Peter and the Columns.

 “I love how this project brought people together,” Hoffmeister says. “Hans willing to race 3,000 feet of climbing against a random local. El Cap days are always sufferfests, but the people involved made it awesome.”

Petersen adds, “It’s a climbing story that combines tragedy with hope. It’s a story of new friendships made on the rock."

Rock and Ice have the full write up including all the ups and the downs - training schedule and injuries included!!

Read the full article here.

Nicky Williams