We did plenty of traveling on this trip, but the majority of the time we spent in Central Oregon near Black Butte and the Metolius River. The Metolius springs from the base of Black Butte about 300 feet from where this photo was taken, just around that bend to the left. The water is near freezing year-round. Not surprising since it’s glacier fed.

Ever drank Black Butte Porter? It’s a great beer brewed in Bend, about 35 miles away. We wanted to recreate the scene from the picture on the front of the bottle, and this was the result— see the resemblance?

Fisheye view of Black Butte from the water of the Metolius. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Nice little Rainbow trout caught on a Parachute Adams fly. Catch and release of course…

The Metolius is a stunning river, all up and down. Would be hard to take a bad picture of it, really.

This is far downstream, near the Wizard Falls fish hatchery. Due to the shape of the river in this area it always looks a bit like it’s boiling. It’s still freaking freezing.

Mount Jefferson viewed on a backroad excursion.

Central Oregon has a volcanic legacy. It’s visible all around, such as in these red lava rock backroads.

Black Butte viewed from afar, at a red lava rock cinder cone.
Mount Bachelor would be visible to the right if not for some clouds.

This trip was amazing… Big thanks to all of our friends that helped show us around and accommodated us on this trip. Summer in Oregon is magical, and we’ll certainly be back next year.

Maybe sooner.

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Cooper Wilt