We recently got some friends together and headed out to the wilds of Angeles National Forest to shoot some photographs for our next catalog. I know Angeles National Forest doesn’t sound very wild, but believe me, you don’t have to travel very far from Los Angeles to be properly off the grid. That’s not to say we went off the grid, but we did head to some pretty remote locations with plenty of harsh terrain to give our shoes, not to mention our bodies, a brutal workout. Over the course of a two day camping trip we hiked about 5 miles over mostly exposed rock and gravel, with some water crossings and loose surfaces thrown in for good measure. I know, 5 miles isn’t enough to get some backpackers very excited, but it’s the 3,000 feet of elevation change that make it more than a walk in the park.

I had just started wearing a new pair of Outbacks the previous week, so I decided to wear the same pair for the duration of the trip and do a little before and after comparison when I got back home. Unfortunately, I was so focused on prepping for the camping trip/shoot that I forgot to take the “before” photos, so you’ll have to believe me when I say that they looked like a week old pair of outbacks. I don’t think the before part is the interesting part anyway, so here’s the “after” photo in all their dusty glory. 

I had a little spray bottle with water that I use to tamp down flame-ups on the grill so I gave them a few good squirts.

Dirty Wet Outbacks


Finally, I wiped them off with a cotton rag and here they are. I think all the trip managed to do was add little more character. These Outbacks definitely have many more adventures left in them, so I guess it’s time to plan another trip.

All clean and ready for more!


Alex Hall