These are my Outbacks. I’ve been wearing them for pretty much everything other than skateboarding since the spring of 2016. They’ve been been to many countries and logged many miles. They’ve hiked mountain trails and carved mountain roads on my motorcycle. They’ve been soaked by Hong Kong downpours and the temperate rainforest of the pacific northwest. They’ve explored desert canyons and urban cityscapes. They’ve also been to business meetings and ballet classes. They always look great and they’ve never let me down. I love these shoes for the confidence they’ve given me, and the memories they’ve helped me forge. I think they look better today than the day I took them out of the box. All that being said, I think I’m ready to move on. I’m going to set up a new pair of Heritage boots, and I’m pretty excited about the adventures we’re going to have together.
We want to see what kind of mileage you’ve gotten out of your Ridgemonts, so today we’re going to start a little contest. All you need to do is submit a picture of your own pair of Ridgemonts along with a description of where and how you’ve worn them, and what you think of them. One week from today (That's Friday, March 9th) we’ll choose three winners to feature, and the best part… You could win a new free pair of your choice! Submit by posting on Instagram or Facebook, or directly email us at with your submission.
I’d love to see your well worn Ridgemonts and hear about your adventures together…
-Ridgemont co-founder, Stacy Lowery
Stacy Lowery