One week ago we asked you to submit your stories of your well-worn Ridgemonts along with photos for a chance to win a feature and a new pair. Now, we've chosen our three winners. Thanks to everyone that took the time to share, and congrats to these three!

Eric H.

Crouching down to thread the lightly fraying laces through the top two eyelets of my well-worn but trustworthy Outbacks, my wife curiously asked me, "so when are you going to get a new pair of shoes?" Over two years ago, I first began lusting over the classically styled day hikers and knew that it would be love at first hike the second I slipped them on my feet. Thinking of all the adventures we'd share, I hesitated no longer and ordered them. Turns out, it was one of the best decisions I could have made for all of the journeys they'd go on with me.   
My Outback's have tirelessly accompanied me on sunny, rainy, and snowy bike commutes around town, sat through seemingly never-ending work meetings, and kept my feet looking good on dinner date nights with my lady. They've day-hiked and backpacked through stunning alpine terrain with me, spent countless nights in the vestibule of my tent, and explored the dense jungle and lava flows of Maui for my honeymoon. Through it all, these shoes have been the most consistently worn footwear I've ever owned. 
With time, the brown leather has become scuffed and worn, showing wrinkle lines and character that only the face of a grizzly and wise old mountain man could obtain from a life in the elements. With the tread now wearing low and the laces beginning to fray, I realize my wife is probably onto something rather valid with her question. Looking down at my shoes in all their weathered glory, I begin to relive memories from trips past and can't help but think to myself, how about just one more jaunt together?


Max P.

My Ridgemonts have been through snow, sand, mud, and everything in between. Since I got them they have been up and down mountains and dunes, through trails, and off the beaten path. They have been with me during the most amazing adventures of my life. My Ridgemonts are as dependable as the people I travel with. These are by far the most amazing boots I’ve owned. My Monty Hi’s keep me warm and comfortable in harsh conditions when I was in San Juan National Forrest in Colorado and my Crests keeps my feet cool and comfortable when I was in Sedona, Arizona. They are the only two pairs of shoes I ever bring on trips and I am thrilled y’all made them both. They hold up so well and have taken quite a few miles. I can’t wait to get my next pair. - Max P


(David made it to Jerry's house! ^)

David O.

I bought my Outbacks in February of 2017. I decided to go with the Outback
as I was looking for a versatile boot for my next backpacking adventure.
The last pair of boots I bought for my backpacking trip through Europe
didn't make it.  

My boots arrived in my hometown of Nashville, TN just before my big
adventure. Their journey went a little something like this:

Los Angeles, California - Stepped onto Sony Pictures Studios and on the sets
of Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Seinfeld.
Auckland, New Zealand - Bungee Jumped off the Auckland Bridge
Tauranga, New Zealand - Hiked Mount Maunganui
Napier, New Zealand - Visited Wine Country
Wellington, New Zealand - Went on a Beer Tasting Tour
Dunedin, New Zealand - Went Mountain Biking
Hobart, Tasmania - Fed Kangaroos
Melbourne, Australia - discovered graffiti art on Hosier Lane
Sydney, Australia - Toured the Sydney Opera House
Surfers Paradise, Australia - Partied at the Beach
Brisbane, Australia - Toured the City by Bike
Cairns, Australia - Hiked in the world's oldest rainforest
Bali, Indonesia - Hiked the Rice Fields
Gili Trawangan, Indonesia -Biking around the island
Singapore - Zip Lining at MegaZip
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - Vietnam War Museum and exploring the tunnels
Sihanouk, Cambodia - Jungle Party
Koh Rong, Cambodia - Fishing
Koh Rong Sanloem, Cambodia - Relaxed on the Beach
Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Visited the killing fields
Siem Reap, Cambodia - Explored the Angkor Wat Temples
Bangkok, Thailand - Went to a Muay Thai Fight
Phi Phi Islands, Thailand - Visited the beach from the movie The Beach
Koh Lanta, Thailand - Relaxed at the Freedom Bar
Koh Samui, Thailand - Partied with the locals
Koh Phangan, Thailand - The Original Full Moon Party
Koh Tao, Thailand - Scuba Dived
Chicago, Illinois - Went to Wrigley Field

I am now living in Salt Lake City for the ski season and I wear them every
day to Snowbird Ski Resort before I go skiing.  Attached are a couple
pictures of the adventures of my Outbacks. As you can see these things have
traveled thousands and thousands of miles.

The main reason I love my Outbacks is you literally can wear them for
anything.  They seem to fit in at all occasions.  I also love how durable
they are.  As you have read I have taken these things everywhere and I have
had no issues.  I literally wear them every day.   I would greatly
appreciate a new pair though.  

Thanks for reading, David O.


Cooper Wilt
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