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Along with many others, the last 18 months have been an extremely trying period for us and our manufacturing partners in Southern China. Numerous long and quick fire lockdowns have effected our supply chain badly. As you can appreciate there are many different components from many different suppliers in various territories and countries that go into making our footwear and, if just one of those suppliers is forced to shut for a period, the knock-on effect is huge for the main assembly factories and in turn us & you, our customers.
In addition global shipping has also been in turmoil. As recently as just two months ago the whole of the main southern Chinese port of Yantian was completely closed after a new breakout of the virus. Combined with mass congestion at many US & Europe ports, this has collectively created extensive delayed deliveries to our warehouses. As we sell predominantly on a pre-order basis this has been particularly noticeable, as our fulfilment shipments have been delayed consistently.
However we're pleased to say that, unless there are any more quick fire lockdowns, we are expecting all our outstanding orders to be fulfilled by mid December. Below is a list of styles and expected dates for delivery in to our warehouse. As soon as the shoes arrive, our warehouse team will be poised and ready to unload, process and ship all of the pre-orders you've been so patiently waiting for.
In addition we have order significant extra stock so that moving forward there will always be plenty of footwear available to buy for immediate delivery.
We are so sorry that there have been such delays and we really appreciate your patience during this time and we sincerely thank you for your continued support.
A huge thank you again and massive apologies for the delays.
The Ridgemont Team

*** UPDATED 2nd December ***

Styles Due To Dock 15th December
Monty Lo Suede Black/Gum
Monty Lo Suede Brown/Gum
Monty Lo Suede Slate/Gum
Monty Lo Suede Charcoal/Grey
Monty Lo Suede Grass/Kelly
Monty Lo Suede Brown/Orange
Monty Hi Suede Black/Gum
Monty Hi Suede Brown/Gum
Monty Hi Suede Slate/Gum
Monty Hi Suede Brown/Orange
Monty Hi Suede Navy/Smoke
Outback II Brown/Olive
Outback II Black/Gray
Outback II Peat/Red
Styles Due To Dock early January
Monty Lo Suede Navy/Cyan
Monty Lo Suede Burgundy/Cyan
Monty Lo Nubuck Brown/Olive
Monty Lo Nubuck Slate/Gray
Monty Lo Nubuck Olive/Slate
Monty Lo Nubuck Navy/Orange
Monty Hi Suede Brown/Orange
Monty Hi Suede Navy/Smoke
Monty Hi Suede Olive Tobacco
Monty Hi Suede Black/Charcoal/Slate
Monty Hi Nubuck Brown/Fog
Monty Hi Nubuck Pewter/Slate
Monty Hi Nubuck Black/Charcoal/Yellow
Monty Hi Nubuck Java/Red
Outback II Navy/Gray
Costa Brown/Tan
Heritage Black/Charocal
Heritage Black/Orange
Heritage Java/Red
Heritage Oxblood/Rust
Heritage VZ Java/Brown