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Winter Shoes

When winter rolls around you want to be sure you are prepared with a pair of the best waterproof shoes on the market. As many hikers and trail traversers have discovered, not all winter sneakers are created equal but Ridgemont shoes pack hard-to-beat features in their winter boots.

The best waterproof shoes offer protection from the wet and keep your feet warm, but still allow for your feet to breathe. There are a few variable features that we have crafted into our winter sneakers to ensure that you get the protection you need, at the comfort level you want.

We created a special insole with less than 5% compression, that gives you the support your arches seek without taking your feet away from the natural feel of the environment beneath you. Because we like to feel the earth under us, we worked on a special outsole thickness to ensure you remain connected to the trail but safe from rocks and sharp surprises. The lugged outsole thickness and mild rubber grip ensure you have as much grip as possible, with all the confidence you have come to love from the best stylish winter boots for men.

Straight from the box, our winter hiking boots are a delight to slip on and take almost zero time to break in. This is owed to the unique design of the inner layer, made with Vari-flex lasting board. Our men’s winter boots are flexible at the ball of the feet and more rigid from the arch to the feel, giving your feet stability and protection on the tricky alpine terrain.

The next time you take a tricky winter trail or adventure from the office to the lakeside route, you’ll be confident to face adventure in your Ridgemont winter shoes for men.

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