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Walking Boots

You know that feeling you get when you are eager for the trails, and it is all you can think about? It bugs at you and won’t relent until you have pulled out your walking shoes and made a date with the dirt.

The best walking boots are the ones that will see you from the peaks of Pacific Crest Trail to the track of the paths North Country. They’re also the comfortable walking shoes that will take you from the office to the streets, masquerading as casual work boots. One could easily give up on finding a brand that is able to match such incredible demands until they discover light waterproof boots from Ridgemont.

So, what features do such incredible walking boots offer? Well other than being the trendiest winter boots you could own; they also happen to be the most comfortable. We worked hand in hand with our factory to create an Open Cell Foam for our insoles, giving you extreme comfort without taking away the feeling of the earth beneath you. We also added in arch support, keeping them well-formed and supported as you explore. The outside of our boots allows you to maintain your connection to the trails, but keep out those annoying rocks and bits of debris. They’re also waterproof walking shoes, adding to the many all-encompassing features a Ridgemont boot offers.

The next time the feeling hits and the trails call you, you can confidently answer in the ultimate pair of boots designed for men.

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