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Urban Hiking Boots

The tick-tock of the office clock is counting down the hours until you can knock off work and head out. Your feet are tapping along to every second in their urban hiking boots; you’re looking stylish and are eager to hit the trails. You start plotting the route you know is going to put your hiking boots to the test. The biggest challenge you face right now is watching the clock tick down.

The thing about hiking footwear is that it is often uninterchangeable with your work attire or everyday clothing. What sets Ridgemont apart is our ability to create great-looking, lightweight boots that are trendy and great for hiking. Traditional hiking boots are generally unpleasant on the eye and a little hard on the feet, they take weeks to walk in and require adjusting to get the right fit. The concept behind our boots is to offer our mountaineers easy to use comfortable walking shoes that will take them from skyscrapers and air-con offices to the fresh green trails laden with adventure.

Aside from the look, our hiking shoes boast premium waxed and oiled leathers with a cotton canvas collar. This feature means that your feet stay dry and protected along some of the wettest trails. We also included heavy metal d-rings with speed hooks for easy lace-up, as well as a couple of choices in laces. The outside of our shoes is made with an EVA midsole merged with a mild lugged rubber tread – give you the grip you need with the trendy look you want.

Designed with the intention of being the best hiking sneakers on the market, we added in a few different colour options and styles too. Each boot style carries the same amazing properties, taking you from street to trail without needing to change your shoes. Is there really any question about what brand offers you the best boots for men?

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