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We've done some super successful Kickstarter projects in the last few years and we know that if we pre-sell a minimum number of units of a style then we get a great discount from our suppliers that we can pass on to you.  It's a form of crowdsourcing/crowdfunding and we're now doing it directly on our website.  That way we can bring you regular projects with a quick turnaround at a great price. 

It's simple, we choose an existing or new Ridgemont product and set a discounted price.  We then set a target of the number of units that we need to sell to achieve that price.  Each crowdsourcing project runs until we sell the target number.  Once we've reached the target number the project closes and we then produce the items and ship them direct to the customer.  

The quicker we reach the target the quicker we can get started on production.  It varies on the type of product but it generally takes 60-100 days to make the orders and ship them.  You get a great product at a great price with a short lead time for production and delivery.  You can still return/exchange if you don't like the finished product or it doesn't fit - just as normal.  If after 6 weeks we haven't reached the target number of units then the project doesn't go to production and the orders that have been made are cancelled and refunded. 

Check out below all the current projects.  We aim to add a new one every week so keep coming back to see what's fresh.

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